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LenderPlaced Insurance Programs SWBC

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SWBC has been providing lender-placed insurance services for more than 30 years and full outsourcing services for nearly two decades. Our best-in-class risk management programs are backed by years of experience serving financial institutions and mortgage servicers. Reduce Borrower Noise With Proof of Insurance Requests through EDI and RPA

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Insurance Services SWBC

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Insurance Services SWBC Insurance Services For decades, SWBC Insurance Services has provided clients with a rare combination of respected insurance knowledge, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to world-class services.

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Homeowners Insurance SWBC

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There’s no place like home—which is why having a reliable homeowners insurance policy is key to protecting one of your most important investments. Having a homeowners insurance policy that protects your dwelling, your personal possessions, and any potential liability will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Landlord Insurance SWBC

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Lender-Placed Insurance (LPI) Programs. REO Asset Protection Programs. Flood Products. Mortgage Lending. Title/Lien Position Products. Valuation Services. Verification Services . Transactions. Transaction Enablement. Collections. Outsourced Collections. Other Lending Services. Auto Asset Recovery. Account Retention Services. Payment Protection Programs. …

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COTRAK® SWBC Insurance, Mortgages, & Wealth Management

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COTRAK® SWBC Insurance, Mortgages, & Wealth Management COTRAK® Collateral and mortgage tracking system that satisfies the demanding needs of loan portfolio management and customer service COTRAK is an advanced collateral and mortgage tracking system developed by SWBC that powers our CPI and lender-placed insurance programs.

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Walking The Tightrope Of Service And Risk Management SWBC

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For example, SWBC’s Hybrid CPI solution offers lender-placed policies that often cost borrowers as little as $50-$90 per month. This alternative form of collateral protection insurance can not only decrease the “noise” from borrower complaints due to false placement, but it can also improve your institution’s cash flow by eliminating the need to cover an upfront CPI insurance …

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Vehicle Insurance SWBC

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Customized insurance from SWBC for all types of vehicles that gives you the protection you need on the open road and helps to get you where you need to go.

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FocusNet® SWBC Insurance, Mortgages, & Wealth Management

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Programs managed through FocusNet include CPI, lender-placed hazard and flood insurance, ECM, collections, and collateral recovery. Depending on their selected SWBC programs and services, our clients can take advantage of FocusNet to obtain real-time account status, submit claims, place coverage, and obtain a variety of production and management reports. …

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Imcovered.com® SWBC Insurance, Mortgages, & Wealth

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As a benefit of our Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) program, SWBC offers a fast, convenient, and secure channel to submit proof of coverage and verify insurance coverage at www.imcovered.com. This website is user-friendly, available in both English and Spanish, and is a handy self-serve option that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Life Insurance SWBC

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With SWBC's On the Spot Life Insurance decision, purchasing term life insurance is affordable, fast, and convenient. The application is completely online and a policy can be purchased in just minutes. Learn More Do I need Life Insurance? Q I am a stay-at-home spouse with kids. Do I need life insurance? A Yes!

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Attributes Of The Most Effective CPI Programs SWBC Blogs

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This approach was taken by SWBC six years ago when we designed our revolutionary Hybrid CPI program. In creating the Hybrid CPI program, we focused on the changes that occurred in the mortgage Lender Placed Insurance (LPI) realm and incorporated some of those changes into our Hybrid program. As a result, our Hybrid program provides a low-cost, monthly premium, …

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Consumer Credit Industry Association LenderPlaced

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Julie Gardner, SWBC LeeAnn Hollister, Miniter, Chair CUNA Mutual HUB Lee & Mason OSC Insurance Services Proctor State National Companies Van Wagenen John Euwema Tom Keepers Lori Denham, KDCR Call to Order The Chair called the Lender-Placed Products Committee (“Committee”) meeting to order at 9:03 AM Central Time and observed a quorum. …

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Renters Insurance SWBC

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At SWBC, we educate you on the best coverage options available that work for your lifestyle and budget. Purchasing a Renters Insurance policy can be more affordable than you realize. Allow our team of experts to help guide you in finding the right deductible, find a policy that fits your needs, and understand the steps to file a claim in the event of a loss.

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Collateral Protection SWBC Insurance, Mortgages

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SWBC’s Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) program gives you more. We track your borrowers’ vehicle insurance, communicate with your borrowers and their insurance companies to verify insurance status, and place insurance, if necessary. We also work with multiple carriers to give you choices on rates and plans, and use the most advanced

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Banks/Mortgage Companies SWBC Insurance, Mortgages

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Lender-Placed Programs Don’t get caught by an unprotected portfolio. SWBC offers flexible lender-placed hazard and flood management programs. REO Insurance Make sure you have adequate protection for your foreclosed properties. SWBC offers one of the most flexible and comprehensive REO insurance programs available. Partners and Providers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why swbc insurance services?

SWBC has been providing lender-placed insurance services for more than 30 years and full outsourcing services for nearly two decades. Our best-in-class risk management programs are backed by years of experience serving financial institutions and mortgage servicers.

Who uses swbcs lender placements?

Over 300 financial institutions, including some of the largest banks and mortgage servicers in the country, trust SWBC with their lender placement needs. Contact us to learn more about our lender-placed insurance programs.

When will swbc mortgage open new branches?

June 30, 2021 SWBC Mortgage Expands its Presence with New Branches from Coast-to-Coast

Why choose swbcs cpi hybrid program?

With SWBC’s collateral protection insurance (CPI) options, including CPI Hybrid, your financial institution can find the right service for your program. With three options available, we can help you achieve your risk management goals.

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