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How To Become A Secret Service Agent: Requirements & Training

How Learn.org Show details

Just NowHow to Become a Secret Service Agent: Requirements & Training. If you like the idea of jogging beside an armored limousine wearing a suit, an earpiece and sunglasses, you may be interested in becoming a Secret Service agent. Read on to learn about the qualifications, training, duties and pay of these elite federal law enforcement officers.

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What Are The Requirements To Be A Secret Service Agent

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2 hours agoEducation requirements must be met for GL-7 or GL-9 pay grades. Agents must be in superior health and physical condition. Is it hard to become a Secret Service agent? Getting a job with the U.S. Secret Service is far from easy, as the selection process is extremely competitive.

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United States Secret Service

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5 hours agoWhat are the requirements to be considered for the special agent position in the U.S. Secret Service? Must be a U.S. citizen. Must be at least 21 years of age at time of application and younger than 37 at the time of receipt of a conditional offer of employment to continue in the application process. Applicants with Veterans’ Preference must

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The Job Of A Special Agent United States Secret Service

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6 hours agoAs a special agent, you will work alongside men and women of the highest caliber, performing critical protective and investigative assignments. During their careers, special agents may be assigned to multiple duty stations throughout the United States and abroad with responsibilities that include: Protecting various protectees.

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Eligibility FBIJOBS

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9 hours agoTo be eligible for the FBI Special Agent position, applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications at the time of application: Be between 23 and 36 years of age. FBI Special Agents have a mandatory retirement age of 57. In order to achieve the required 20 years of service for retirement, Special Agents must enter on duty no later than

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Requirements To Become A Secret Service Agent

Become Requirementstobecome.com Show details

Just NowRequirements to Become a Secret Service Agent. Provisional requirements mandate that candidates must: Be between the ages of 21 and 37 at the time of appointment. Possess a current driver's license. Possess visual acuity of at least 20/60 uncorrected, correctable to 20/20. If you meet the above qualifications, you may be considered for

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How To Become A Secret Service Agent: Steps And FAQs

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Just NowSecret service agents are members of the secret service federal law enforcement agency and perform a number of duties. The most common responsibilities of a secret service agent may include investigating and preventing financial crimes, analyzing and averting computer-based threats and providing protection for high-profile government officials.

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US Secret Service Agent Careers Requirements For Federal

Secret Federallawenforcement.org Show details

3 hours agoMany Secret Service agent jobs must meet the requirements of the GL-9 level, which includes possessing a master’s degree, LLB or JD degree from an accredited college or university or possessing at least four years of specialized experience carrying out investigations, conducting surveillance or undercover activities, or organizing evidence

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10 Shocking Facts About Secret Service Recruitment And

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3 hours agoAs reported in the Washington Examiner, in fiscal year 2013, the standard-issue Secret Service agent trained for approximately 46 hours. It gets worse. The average member of the uniformed division trained for 25 minutes. 10. If you graduate from Secret Service recruit training, expect your personal life to suffer.

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Secret Service Agent: Qualifications Shmoop

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1 hours agoYou'll face quite a laundry list of requirements for a Secret Service agent job ().After all, you'll be protecting the president or vice president of the United States; to say they're a little careful about who they give this job to is like saying Lebron James is kind of good at basketball.

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Become A Secret Service Agent The Balance Careers

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7 hours agoAs with most other special agent careers, the U.S. Secret Service offers very competitive pay, great health insurance benefits, and, when it's time to hang it all up, excellent retirement benefits. The special agent position starts at a salary of $49,016, with promotion potential to $144,676.

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USAJOBS Job Announcement

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2 hours ago<p>U.S. Secret Service is seeking retired (CSRS/FERS) individuals to support our integrated mission and immediately impart their knowledge and experience to the current workforce. Joining the USSS as a Special Agent will allow you to perform critical protective and investigative assignments. Throughout its history, the Criminal Investigator has accomplished this mission through …

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Medical Standards Special Agent FWS

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2 hours agoNATIONAL PARK SERVICE COMMISSIONED PARK RANGERS (Personnel Series 025) CRIMINAL INVESTIGATORS (Personnel Series 1811) CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS (Personnel Series 007) U.S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE SPECIAL AGENT (Personnel Series 1812) Under 5 CFR Part 339 Medical Qualifications Determinations, medical standards may be

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Criminal Justice Careers: A Secret Service Special Agent

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7 hours agoIndeed puts it slightly higher at $132,223 per year, a rate that this site indicates is 91 percent above the national average. A Secret Service special agent also enjoys a number of federal employee benefits, some of which include: Low-cost life insurance. Low-cost health insurance plans for you and your family. 13 to 26 leave days per year.

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Secret Service Special Agent Test Preparation 2021

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2 hours agoSecret Service Special Agent Entrance Exam (SSAE) Preparation & Test Tips – 2021. With an average annual pay ranging between $105,000 and $142,000 in the form of a steady government paycheck with comprehensive health insurance coverage and many additional benefits and career opportunities, it is no wonder why so many job seekers entertain

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How Do You Become A Secret Service Agent? Best Value Schools

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8 hours agoPossible agents must undergo rigorous training in addition to the many requirements they must meet. This agency only hires the best of the best to become Special Agents. Becoming a Secret Service agent may be hard to do, but well worth it to be a part of such a fulfilling and challenging career with such a vital agency.

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Are US Secret Service Requirements Getting More Lax?

Are Careerguts.com Show details

8 hours agoA few Secret Service requirements include: Being a United States citizen. Having a Top Secret security clearance. Being in sound physical health and having good vision. Having a degree and/or formal training pertinent to the job. In addition, there are different experience and educational requirements for the various positions as well.

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How To Become A Secret Service Agent

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9 hours agoSpecial agent courses and tests including firearms training are conducted in Washington DC. Becoming a Secret Service Agent. Not all applicants will be accepted into the program nor will all program participants be able to successfully graduate because the job of a secret service agent

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Secret Service Basic Training Healthycare.net

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5 hours agoHow To Become A Secret Service Agent: Requirements & … How Learn.org Show details . Just Now How to Become a Secret Service Agent: Requirements & Training.If you like the idea of jogging beside an armored limousine wearing a suit, an earpiece and sunglasses, you may be interested in becoming a Secret Service agent. Read on to learn about the qualifications, training, duties and pay of these

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Secret Service Agent Job Description Now Hiring

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3 hours agoSecret Service Agent: Career Guide - Compare Top Programs. Posted: (6 days ago) Secret Service Agent Secret Service agents may perform a variety of investigation and protection duties and tasks. Agents usually begin their careers in field offices, which may be anywhere in the U.S., before transferring to their first 3-5-year protective assignments.

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How Do I Become A Mediclaim Agent?

How Motivationjob.com Show details

5 hours agoHow does one become a secret agent? The following are steps you can take to become qualified for a position as a secret service agent: Get a degree. … Complete the required training. Get a degree. Most secret service agents hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. … Apply for an open secret service agent position. … Complete the required

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Florida Secret Service Jobs And Training Requirements

Florida Federallawenforcement.org Show details

6 hours agoRequirements to Become a Secret Service Agent in Florida. Basic Requirements – Basic requirements to become a Secret Service agent include: Be at least 21 years of age but younger than 37 at the time of appointment; Be a United States citizen; Hold a valid and current driver’s license; Be in excellent physical health

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Retirement Benefits For Federal Law Enforcement Personnel

Benefits Sgp.fas.org Show details

9 hours agofirst 20 years of service and 2% for each year after the 20th year of service. Law enforcement personnel in FERS accrue benefits at the rate of 1.7% per year for the first 20 years of service and 1% per year for each year thereafter. FERS contribution rates vary by date of hire. Law

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Become A Secret Service Agent: StepbyStep Career Guide

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4 hours agoAdditionally, secret service agents must complete a background investigation and qualify for top secret clearance. A willingness to travel is also required. According to 2020 earnings information gathered by Payscale.com , federal special agents earned a median salary of $85,204.

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CIA Requirements CIA

CIA Cia.gov Show details

3 hours agoThis includes by hard copy mail, telephone, email, or internet. You Must Be a U.S. Citizen and at Least 18 Years of Age. You must be a U.S. citizen or a dual-national U.S. citizen to work at CIA. If you are in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen, you can apply …

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Opinion The Troubled Lives Of Secret Service Agents

Opinion Washingtonpost.com Show details

4 hours agoSecret Service agents lose tens of thousands of dollars, because they are required to work weeks and months for no pay. That’s a scandal. Agents’ annual pay, including overtime, is …

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The Secret Service Agent Workout Routine Muscle & Fitness

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6 hours agoIt is highly encouraged for Secret Service trainees to not only pass, but to achieve excellent scores on the Physical Fitness Test. The same Physical Fitness Test is administered to Special Agents quarterly. After 3 to 4 years of service, Special Agents can apply to …

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14 Secrets Of Secret Service Agents Mental Floss

Secrets Mentalfloss.com Show details

4 hours agoAccording to 23-year Secret Service veteran Tim Wood, author of Criminals and Presidents: The Adventures of a Secret Service Agent, this is …

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U.S. Secret Service Careers Job Requirements

Secret Legalcareerpath.com Show details

9 hours agoSecret Service Agent Requirements In order to be considered for a position in the secret service you are required to be a citizen of the United States no older than 37 when you apply. In addition, a person must have a valid United States driver’s license and have a visual acuity of 20/60 at the worst and that can be corrected to 20/20 for

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How To Join The US Secret Service: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

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Just NowCheck the website often to look for jobs by searching "secret service jobs" or "special agent positions." The online tool on the website allows you to search for positions by location, though you will need to spend significant time in Washington, D.C. and abroad if you join the Secret Service.

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Biden Sued By Air Force Officers Who Compare Vaccine Rule

Biden Arstechnica.com Show details

Just NowPresident Biden's vaccine mandate is being challenged in a lawsuit filed by four active-duty US Air Force officers, a Secret Service agent, a Border Patrol agent, and four other federal employees

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Secret Service Agent Career, Job, And Training Information

Secret Careerprofiles.info Show details

7 hours agoSecret Service Agent The Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency, serving under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security. The Secret Service is best known as the agency responsible for protecting the President. The Secret Service has two primary responsibilities: criminal investigation and presidential security.

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Qualifications For Homeland Security Jobs Now Hiring

For Carehealthjobs.com Show details

8 hours agoPosted: (6 days ago) Secret Service Agent. A Secret Service Agent is one of the most rewarding Homeland Security jobs … Civil Engineer (FEMA) A Civil Engineer working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency … US Postal Inspector. A United States Postal Inspector is technically a …

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What Do I Have To Do To Become A Secret Service Agent

What Work.chron.com Show details

Just NowPay Grade Requirements. Secret Service agents are hired at one of two pay grades. To qualify for the GL-7 pay grade, you must have a bachelor's degree with a grade-point of average of at least 3.0, or 3.5 for your junior and senior years. Or you must have been a member of a collegiate honor society or have graduated in the top third of your class.

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Secret Service Work And Retirement

Secret Retirement.federaltimes.com Show details

1 hours agoA. In answer to your first question, yes. If you work to age 50 in either a covered or noncovered position, you will be able to retire and receive the enhanced annuity benefit for 20 years of service and the standard benefit for all remaining years of service. Assuming that you’re covered by the FEHB program for the five consecutive years

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What Is It Like To Be An Agent Of The U.S. Secret Service?

What Forbes.com Show details

3 hours agoAccording to him, as well as the official Secret Service website: Special agents are generally hired at the GL-7 or GL-9 grade levels depending on qualifications

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25 Jobs You Can Get With A Criminal Justice Degree

Jobs Criminaljusticedegreeschools.com Show details

Just NowThe Secret Service plays an integral role in law enforcement by protecting important political figures and systems. Secret Service agents often protect specific individuals, though others address counterfeiting, money laundering, and other financial crimes. Members of the Secret Service must meet strict requirements.

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When Dad Is A Secret Service Agent – DIABLO GAZETTE

When Diablogazette.com Show details

4 hours agoThese are true stories of real-life experiences of Eric Enos, a Concord resident who spent years as a Secret Service agent. All prospective agents know, long before they are ever hired, of the travel requirements of a Special Agent with the US Secret Service. It’s discussed during the hiring process a minimum of three times; during the

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A Former Secret Service Agent Who Protected The Obamas

Former Msn.com Show details

9 hours agoA former Secret Service agent spoke to Insider about the criticism she faced during training. Evy Poumpouras says physical training requirements for …

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Yes, Some Workers Are Griping — But Vax Mandates Appear To

Some Khn.org Show details

Just NowA group of lawsuit plaintiffs, including four Air Force officers and a Secret Service agent, have asked a federal court to block the Biden administration’s coronavirus vaccination mandates

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USSS U.S. Secret Service

USSS Specialagents.org Show details

4 hours agoThis page provides career information about the U.S. Secret Service, Special Agent position. It also provides relevant updates, news and historical events connected to the Secret Service. This site offers hiring tips & information about what it is like to be an 1811 special agent.

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Eligibility FBIJOBS

FBIJOBS Fbijobs.gov Show details

Just NowAll FBI employees must undergo an FBI Background Investigation and receive an FBI Top Secret security clearance. Once you have received and accepted a conditional job offer, the FBI will initiate an intensive background investigation. You must go through this background investigation, and you must pass, before moving forward with employment.

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Do Secret Service Agents Get Paid Well? Quora

Secret Quora.com Show details

Just NowAnswer (1 of 2): Not as well as they should be. Secret Service Special Agents, like most federal special agents, are hired at the GS-7 (sometimes GS-9) pay grade, which is presently $36,356 per year. The “full performance” (as high as they can go without becoming supervisors, effectively the jou

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Can I Join The Secret Service? Quora

Can Quora.com Show details

1 hours agoAnswer (1 of 3): The US Secret Service (USSS) does extensive medical record checks and requires you to pass a physical evaluation (PFT). You have to be in excellent physical condition, the training is rigorous. You can’t be just “physically fit,” you have to be in the best shape of your life othe

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualities required a secret agent?

Skills Required for a Secret Agent

  • Observation. Secret agents need keen observation skills to carefully examine their subjects without appearing to display an inordinate amount of attention.
  • Mentally Agile and Intuitive. ...
  • Master of Disguise. ...
  • Specialized Skills. ...
  • Secretive. ...
  • Intelligence. ...
  • How do I become a Secret Service agent?

    Basic Requirements. To become a Secret Service agent, you must be a U.S. citizen, between the ages of 21 and less than 37 years old at the time of appointment and possess a current driver\'s license. Your vision can be no worse than 20/60 uncorrected and correctable to 20/20 in each eye. Applicants must pass both a medical...

    What are the requirements for a Secret Service agent?

    To become a secret service special agent, candidates must have completed at least one year of graduate study education in their preferred field of study. Ideal fields for special agents include law enforcement, political science and other political or protective related fields.

    What is the job description of a Secret Service agent?

    Secret service agents generally specialize in the protection of national and visiting leaders as well as conducting investigation on financial and cybercrimes of economic or national impact. Their job description entails ensuring the safety and protection of top political heads in a State,...

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