Public Health Degrees

Public Health Degrees & Courses La Trobe University

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Looking to study public health? It's available as a major in our Bachelor of Health Sciences and as a second major in our Bachelor of Arts, and a fully-online master's, or a range of courses related to this interest area is listed below. Career opportunities in public health Career pathways

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Public Health Deakin

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Master of Public Health We offer six specialisations: epidemiology, health promotion, humanitarian assistance, disability and inclusion, public health practice, health economics and management, public health nutrition and an applied research …

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What Can I Do With A Public Health Degree? Career & …

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Learn how an online degree in public health can boost your career today. SNHU’s BS in Public Health and MS in Public Health provide ultimate flexibility and regional accreditation from the NECHE. Transfer up to 90 credits (BS) and 12 credits (MS) toward your degrees. No SAT/ACT or GRE/GMAT scores required. Online classrooms available 24/7.

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Public Health And Health Promotion Griffith University

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Caitlin's work placement as part of her Bachelor of Public Health degree and her major in nutrition led to her employment as a facilitator for the Have Fun-Be Healthy program for Playgroup Australia. She has facilitated the program across six playgroups from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. The program is an early-intervention project that introduces healthy food concepts and …

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Bachelor Of Health Science Western Sydney University

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Bachelor of Health Science Our Bachelor of Health Science combines study with hands-on experience and allows you to major in one or two specialisations in the areas of health promotion, health services management, recreational therapy, clinical sciences and public health .

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Master Of Public Health University Of New South Wales

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The Master of Public Health will prepare you to identify, understand, prevent and contain disease in populations. You’ll also learn to identify and address the social determinants of population health inequities to improve collective health outcomes. The topics covered in this degree reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the field.

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Types Of Undergraduate Degrees In Public Health

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A Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health (BSEH) is a public health-related degree that focuses on the relationship between environmental factors and human health. Environmental health is an evolving field that individuals with an interest in issues such as disaster preparedness and climate change, might consider. Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) A Bachelor …

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Study Bachelor Of Health Science (Public Health) At The

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This degree is a great choice for those interested in pursuing a non-clinical health career, shaping the health and wellbeing of our society. The Bachelor of Health Science (Public Health) pays particular attention to the environments in which we live, work and play, as these continue to shapeshift through the global pandemic.

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Bachelor Of International Public Health

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These academics have extensive work experience in developing and delivering public health programs and policy within various international and domestic settings. This includes working with agencies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), regional WHO offices, governments from around the world and non-government agencies. Moving away from the traditional …

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Public Health Department Of Health

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Public health is concerned with the big picture of how society is organised to maximise health and well-being - about what people can do for themselves as well as the role of institutions and government to ensure good health in our communities. Our primary focus is prevention and early detection, rather than on clinical services. We look at the whole population, rather than the …

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Bachelor Of Public And Community Health The University

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Upon completion of a Bachelor of Public and Community Health, graduates will have the skills and knowledge to work in a range of interdisciplinary roles in non-government organisations, primary health care organisations, Aboriginal health, local councils, public health and health promotion units. Typical roles include: Health Educator

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What Can You Do With A Public Health Degree?

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Top public health degree jobs A public health degree may involve a career in field research or clinical care, with opportunities available at all degree levels. Below is a list of 13 career options you can pursue with a public health degree along with typical job duties and average salaries. 1. Public health educator. National average salary

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