Patient Health Education Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in patient education for health professionals?

This section of the site contains a comprehensive range of topics relevant to Patient Education for Health Professionals. These topics include information on Alcohol Guidelines, Breastfeeding, Communicable Diseases, Foodborne Diseases, Hepatiitis, HIV/AIDS, Immunisation, Palliative Care, Tobacco, Nutrition and Continence.

What is the role of the patient in patient education?

Patients need to take a proactive role in their own health care. This means they need to comprehend their health status and work to stabilize and prevent or minimize complications from any chronic illnesses. Patient education needs to be comprehensive and easily understood.

How do you manage patient education materials effectively?

Choosing effective patient education materials. Respect the patient\'s limits. Offer the patient only the amount of information they can handle at one time. Organize the information for easier comprehension. Be aware that you may need to adjust your education plan based on the patient\'s health status and environmental factors.

What is a patient educational tool health center?

The tool consists of a lesson plan, pre and post assessment test, a worksheet and activities. A patient educational tool health center staff can customize and share with agricultural workers when conducting outreach on mental health services to help prepare them for their initial mental health appointment.

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