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Menopause symptoms include irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep difficulties, and irritability. Menopause treatments may include hormone replacement therapy or herbal. Staci Wolfson turned her painful experience, including a misdiagnosis and multiple surgeries, into a blog called "Cramped Style."

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Menopause Better Health Channel

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Menopause symptoms Some of the symptoms women may have include: hot flushes night sweats aches and pains crawling or itching sensations under the skin forgetfulness headaches irritability lack of self-esteem reduced sex drive (libido) tiredness difficulty sleeping – wakefulness or waking hot and sweaty urinary frequency vaginal dryness

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What Is Menopause? National Institute On Aging

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Menopause is a point in time 12 months after a woman's last period. The years leading up to that point, when women may have changes in their monthly cycles, hot flashes, or other symptoms, are called the menopausal transition or perimenopause. The menopausal transition most often begins between ages 45 and 55.

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Menopause Jean Hailes

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Jean Hailes Magazine Vol. 2, 2017: Heart health, Menopause, Legumes; Five things to know about sex in later life; Menopause health professional tool; Navigating perimenopause; Jean Hailes Magazine Vol. 1, 2017: Perimenopause, STIs, The power of nature's red foods; Yarning about menopause; Related articles . Ask An Expert: Q&A. Ask an Expert: Q&A – January …

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Menopause And HRT – Bloom Women's Health – Dr Glenda McLaren

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The ‘change of life’ or menopause is an important milestone for women. However, this time of life can be associated with a number of health problems. Some women experience significant symptoms and there is much that can be done to assist you to feel more comfortable, including hormone therapy and lifestyle management options. Menopause means a stop in the …

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Menopause Health And Fitness

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I'm Nat Evans, Women's Health and Fitness Specialist. I work face-to-face and online, with women over 40, in all stages of menopause. I help women fight the fat & the mid-section weight gain, take control of the roller coaster of emotions, ease the achy joints, stop the throbbing headaches, sleep through the night and reclaim their energy, vibrancy, vitality and lust for life.

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Home The Menopause Centre

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Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life but can be fraught with anxiety about not being in control of your changing body. Here at The Menopause Centre, our caring experts are dedicated to helping you embrace this special and sometimes challenging part of your life journey so that you live it in the best of health and comfort.

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Menopause Health Navigator NZ

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Menopause simply means the end of a woman’s menstrual periods. It is a significant hormonal milestone that offers a good opportunity to assess your health and plan for the next phase of your life. Key points Menopause is a normal part of life; you are said to have reached menopause after 12 months in a row of no further periods.

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The Menopause Women's Health Concern

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The menopause refers to that time in every woman’s life when her periods stop and her ovaries lose their reproductive function. Usually, this occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, but in a few exceptional cases women may become menopausal in their 30s, or even younger. This is then known as a premature menopause, or premature ovarian insufficiency.

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Menopause Health, A New Clinic By Dr. Caoimhe Hartley

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Menopause is the medical term given to the time in a woman’s life when she is no longer producing important hormones from her ovaries. A woman is considered to be menopausal when she has had a full year without a natural period. This loss of hormonal production can have a significant impact on your emotional, physical and sexual wellbeing.

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Menopause Health & Wellbeing

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Menopause. by Peter Lavelle. Most women experience some difficulties adjusting to the physical and emotional changes of menopause. The good news is in most cases the changes are mild and manageable.

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Menopause Office On Women's Health

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Menopause is the time when your menstrual periods stop permanently and you can no longer get pregnant. Some people call the time leading up to a woman's last period menopause. This time actually is the transition to menopause, or perimenopause. After menopause, your body makes much less of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

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Managing Menopause The Royal Women's Hospital

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Most healthy women around the age of natural menopause can safely take MHT for up to 5 years or at around age 60. Beyond 5 years there is an increased risk of breast cancer with combined (oestrogen plus progestogen) MHT. Stopping MHT may lead to …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is menopause and how can it help me?

Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life but can be fraught with anxiety about not being in control of your changing body. Here at The Menopause Centre, our caring experts are dedicated to helping you embrace this special and sometimes challenging part of your life journey so that you live it in the best of health and comfort.

How does menopause affect womens bodies?

Some women find menopause a positive experience and are relieved that they no longer have to deal with menstrual periods and fertility. Around 80 per cent of women experience hot flushes and night sweats during menopause. These experiences vary between women and are most likely to be troublesome in the year around the final menstrual period.

What are the signs and symptoms of menopause?

It is often the time when women begin to experience the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes, vaginal changes and mood swings. Management and treatment of menopausal symptoms depend on each individual woman, stage of life, relationships and general level of health and wellbeing.

What is menopause and how long does it last?

The term ‘menopause’ can describe any of the changes a woman goes through either just before or after she stops menstruating, marking the end of her reproductive period. The average age of the menopause is 51 years but some women can suffer menopausal symptoms for up to 10 years and 0.1% of women have symptoms in their 20s.

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