Local Health Dept Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does a local health department provide?

The mandated services that a local health department must provide are: Food, lodging, and institutional sanitation Individual on-site water supply Sanitary sewage collection, treatment, and disposal Communicable disease control Vital records registration

What does Tennessee's local health departments do?

Tennessee\'s local health departments provide a variety of health services, both to keep you healthy, and if you are sick, to get you well. We hope you will take advantage of these services.

What is a local public health agency?

Local public health agencies provide services at both the community and individual levels. While there is no single law describing the minimum services that a local agency must provide, there are three primary state laws that affect the scope and range of local service provision.

What does the Department of Health and Human Services do?

The Department of Health and Human Services delivers policies, programs and services that support and enhance the health and wellbeing of all Victorians.

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