Local Health Department Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a local health director appointed?

For a county or district health department, the local health director is appointed by the county or district board of health after consultation with all applicable boards of county commissioners. [1] The same procedure is followed by a public health authority board when it appoints the public health authority director. [2]

What is the Office of local health administration?

The Office of Local Health Administration (OLHA) is responsible for ensuring the delivery of public health services at the local level. The mission of OLHA is to work with local partners to fulfill Connecticut General Statutes and Regulations thereby providing essential public health services statewide.

What does a public health director do?

Essentially, a public health director is a person responsible for the overall management of public health care programs and organizations.

Who is the Director General of the Department of Health?

The Department of Health is led by Director General Dr D.J. Russell-Weisz. Since his appointment in 2015, Dr Russell-Weisz has steered the WA health system through its most significant reform program since federation.

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