Life Insurance Study Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Why take this life&health insurance course?

This course provides a comprehensive overview of concepts you could see on the Life & Health Insurance exam. Developed by top instructors, engaging lessons closely examine life insurance policies, policy riders, social insurance programs, insurance applications and much more.

What are the best online life insurance exam prep courses?

Kaplan University has become a popular choice for life insurance exam prep thanks to its thorough study programs and flexible purchasing options that enable you to buy only the materials you want. It offers on-demand courses nationwide and in-person courses in 12 states.

How do I study for a life insurance license exam?

The following study strategies will help you make the most of your shot at a life insurance license. Study smarter, not longer. Don’t stretch your studying out over too much time. We suggest you study hard for a matter of weeks or days, not months. Take mock exams.

Where can I take a life insurance policy course?

Self-paced and live online courses are available everywhere, and in-person classes are available in 11 states across the country. All courses include prompt instructor support and a guarantee to pass, provided you meet the eligibility requirements. The live courses consist of five hours of instruction in life insurance policies and regulation.

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