Lawsuits Against Consulate Health Care

Care Litigation And The Consulate Health Care Fraud Outlet

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There have been quite a few large lawsuits against Consulate Health Care, which have recently been filed. Consulate medical facilities are in the news lately, particularly in Florida. One of its clinics recently received a twenty-one-year restraining order from the Florida Office of Disciplinary Review. Contents [ show]

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Suing Consulate For Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit: Experience

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Nursing Home Abuse Injury Lawsuit Against Consulate In the wake of the above understaffing findings, Consulate nursing homes have been sued by individual families for wrongful death and injury claims arising out of nursing home abuse. The following nursing home negligence claims have been brought against Consulate:

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Consulate Health Care Lawsuits

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Consulate Health Care Nursing Home Sample … Health (3 days ago) Consulate Health Care Nursing Home Sample Negligence Verdicts & Lawsuits Consulate Health Care is one of the largest nursing home chains in the State of Florida and is a major national company. It has a long history of regulatory violations and has weathered many accusations of poor care for the …

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Approved: Consulate Health Care To Pay Just $4.5 Million

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September 30, 2021 Share › A U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware has approved a settlement between Florida-based nursing home chain Consulate Health Care and the Department of Justice that reduced a

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Poor Care, Few Consequences Florida Injury Lawyer Blog

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A recent whistleblower lawsuit resulted in a $347 million verdict against the company, after jury found Consulate bilked government programs by misrepresenting care provided and overcharging for medically unnecessary treatments.

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Consulate Nursing Homes Are Changing Names. Are They

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The same year, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a $256 million civil fraud judgment against Consulate, ruling that nursing homes currently owned by the company had defrauded taxpayers by inflating

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Fournier's Gangrene More Likely Than Nursing Home …

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Spratling's surviving family members have filed suit against Consulate Health Care Nursing Home (AHCA) alleging their loved one was abused resulting in his death. "Investigators later concluded the man's death was "due to inadequate supervision and medical neglect," The Naples Daily News reported." According to the local newspaper, AHCA has been cited three …

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Information And Lawsuits Involving Nursing Home Chains

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There have been several class-action lawsuits against long-term care facilities for inadequate staffing, especially in California. Problems in care delivery are typically more acute at the larger nursing home chains. A 2011 study from the University of California at San Francisco showed that the ten largest nursing home chains had the lowest staffing level in the nursing home industry. …

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Six Nursing Home Entities File For Bankruptcy Following

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Six affiliated nursing home entities with Consulate Health Care have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in response to a $258 million judgment in …

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Negligence Suits Piling Up Against Vero Nursing Home

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Charges against Consulate Health Care of Vero Beach are especially troubling since the local facility is part of a national chain of senior care services. The Consulate Health Care brand is the largest of its kind in Florida and the sixth-largest provider in the United States. It claims to have a strong focus on patient needs, marketing its care facilities as places where …

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$255 Million Medicare Fraud Verdict Against Consulate

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WASHINGTON, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit affirmed a jury verdict that a management company and skilled nursing facilities owned by

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Nursing Home Chain Avoids Nearly All Of A Large

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Consulate Health Care bankruptcy would leave the Justice Department and a whistleblower with a $4.5 million settlement, according to court documents By Christopher Rowland September 14, 2021 at 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any lawsuits against consulate health care in florida?

There have been a number of large lawsuits against Consulate Health Care that have been filed. Consulate’s homes have been in the news recently, especially in Florida. One of its facilities recently received a 20-year ban from receiving Medicare reimbursements.

Why isnt consulate health care suing a nursing home?

Consulate Health Care spokeswoman Jennifer Trapp said in an email Thursday that the company is disappointed and disagrees with the court's ruling. She argued that the case isn’t about Consulate, because the lawsuit targets nursing homes and a management company that weren't under the Consulate brand at the time.

Who is the whistleblower suing consulate health center?

The whistleblower lawsuit against Consulate was filed in 2011 by Angela Ruckh, a nurse who worked at two North Florida nursing homes that are part of the chain that purchased Consulate and took its name.

Who owns consulate nursing homes?

All Consulate nursing homes and assisted living facilities are owned by Consulate Health Care. The Consulate Health Care company had humble beginnings in small town Pennsylvania, but has now grown into the 6th largest long-term care provider in the United States.

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