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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a self schedule in Kronos?

PROCESS FOR SELF SCHEDULING IN KRONOS Kronos from Work – (New Kronos View) 1) On your Kronos home page, click on the “My Calendar” tab. 2) Enter the range of dates for the schedule period (listed at the top of the USG). Click “OK”. 3) Click on the “switch to the by the month view” box.

How do I schedule a doctor appointment through my IU Health?

You must be an existing patient to take advantage of scheduling through My IU Health. Let our team of health professionals help find the right provider for you. Fill out a quick form and we will get in contact with you. If you prefer to contact us by phone, call 1.888.IUHEALTH (1.888.484.3258).

How to request shifts (open shifts) in Kronos?

How to Request Shifts (Open Shifts) in Kronos Mobile 1. From the mobile home screen select “Requests” 2. Select the icon in the Request Manager Page | 16 Kronos Scheduler User Guide | v1.01 | Updated 2018/07/31 3. Select Request Shift from the Request Type window 4. Expand the options menu.

How do I get in touch with IU Health?

If you prefer to contact us by phone, call 1.888.IUHEALTH (1.888.484.3258). New and existing IU Health patients may view available times and schedule in person and virtual visits with select providers.

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