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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Kossuth Regional Health Center?

Kossuth Regional Health Center is pleased to be your home for health care. We strive to offer you the best personalized care possible. This section provides you with the information you need about our hospital, whether you are planning to visit a patient, checking our available health services or simply looking for more information about KRHC.

How do I change the language on the Kossuth website?

At the bottom of the web page on the left side, there is an option to switch to the language of your choice. Interpretation services are available through Kossuth Regional Health Center\'s language line when you call for an appointment or come in for care. ¿Necesita ver la información de este sitio web en otro idioma que no sea inglés?

How do I contact KRHC for more information about my records?

For more information about accessing your health records and information, please call Health Information Management at KRHC at 515-295-2451. What types of apps can I link my health record to?

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