Korean Healthcare Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the health care system like in South Korea?

The South Korean health care system does have some issues, however. While the overall quality of health care in South Korea is excellent, access to high-quality medical care can still be difficult for rural residents. According to a WHO case study of South Korea, 88.8% of physicians in South Korea were employed by non-governmental clinics.

What do Korean people believe about their health?

Therefore, a belief of Korean people regarding their health is that the cause of their illness is spiritual in nature instead of being physiological or mental.

What is the history of healthcare in Korea?

Due to the success it received, the Minnesota Project is accredited with pushing Korea\'s healthcare industry into what it is today. [4] In December of 1963, South Korea implemented their first health insurance law: the Medical Insurance Act. This allowed companies to provide voluntary health insurance to its employees. [5]

Do foreigners need health insurance in South Korea?

The website AngloInfo says foreigners living in South Korea “who are registered with the National Health Insurance Corporation receive the same medical benefits and services as Korean nationals. General hospitals, oriental hospitals (using traditional Eastern medical practices), public health centers and private hospitals are all available.

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