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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Kootenai clinic provider?

You can find a local provider by searching by name, specialty, or find one of our Kootenai Clinic practices. Kootenai Clinic has more than 200 providers and most are accepting new patients.

How is hearing tested at the Kootenai Health birthing center?

Kootenai Health tests the hearing of every baby born at the Kootenai Health’s Birthing Center. If a newborn does not pass the initial screening process, a more sophisticated study is performed in Neurodiagnostics Services. Auditory pathway studies help identify hearing problems early.

Why Kootenai Health’s neurodiagnostics services?

Accredited by ABRET, Kootenai Health’s Neurodiagnostics Services assists physicians in the diagnosis of conditions including epilepsy, vascular disease, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, head trauma and many more. All studies are performed by registered technologists.

Why is Kootenai Health adding a critical care team?

To meet the demands of our growing hospital, our Critical Care team is expanding. Learn more and apply. Kootenai Health provides a comprehensive range of medical services to patients in north Idaho, eastern Washington, Montana and the Inland Northwest at several facility locations.

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