Kootenai Health Lab Post Falls

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average wait time at Kootenai Urgent Care Post Falls?

Nationally, we are seeing urgent care patients wait an average of 15-30 minutes before being seen by a healthcare provider, which would likely be the case at Kootenai Urgent Care, Post Falls. As part of the Kootenai Urgent Care group, they have a sister facility in Coeur D\'Alene 6.

What are the phone numbers for Kootenai Health?

Kootenai Health Business Phone Numbers Business Services (Billing) (208) 625-6199 Gift Shop (208) 625-5141 Human Resources (208) 625-4620 IT HelpDesk (208) 625-5555 Kootenai Health Foundation (208) 625-4438 12 more rows ...

How do I make an appointment at Kootenai clinic?

Please complete our appointment request form or call our appointment center at (208) 625-6767 to talk to a friendly representative. Kootenai Clinic has more than 200 providers and most are accepting new patients. Search from our list of practices: Looking for a certain provider? Locations: Kootenai Clinic Neurosurgery and Spine, Kootenai Health

Who can come alone to Kootenai urgent care?

Adults who can come alone should. Pediatric patients or adults who require assistance will be allowed one adult chaperone or escort. Kootenai Urgent Care provides high quality comprehensive medical care for nonā€life threatening illness/injury without an appointment 7 days a week. "Really great service from beginning to end....and quick too!"

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