Kootenai Health Billing Department

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the phone numbers for Kootenai Health?

Kootenai Health Business Phone Numbers Business Services (Billing) (208) 625-6199 Gift Shop (208) 625-5141 Human Resources (208) 625-4620 IT HelpDesk (208) 625-5555 Kootenai Health Foundation (208) 625-4438 12 more rows ...

Where can I pay my Kootenai Health Bill?

When you are ready to pay your bill, please have the following information ready: You can make payments for Kootenai Health and Kootenai Clinic at Kootenai’s business services office at 1221 Ironwood Drive. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

How do I get a bill consult in Kootenai?

While admitted to Kootenai, you can request a billing consult for your billing questions by calling (208) 625-5000. You may also ask your nurse to contact the business services office for you. What if I have questions about a bill from Anesthesia Associates of Coeur d’Alene?

Is my insurance plan accepted at Kootenai urgent care?

If you would like to verify that your specific insurance plan is accepted before your visit, check the list below or feel free to call (208) 209-6800 or (855) 742-2089 to speak with our patient account representatives. The information that follows is part of the billing and insurance guidelines for patients seen at Kootenai Urgent Care.

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