Keystone Advanced Behavioral Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Keystone behavioral health do for You?

At Keystone Behavioral Health, we have doctors that specialize in pediatric behavioral issues, geriatric behavioral issues, substance abuse- all in one office, to effectively serve your family’s needs. The Crisis Intervention Programs are funded in part through a contract with the Franklin/Fulton Mental Health/Mental Retardation.

Does Keystone Health offer text message scheduling?

We are pleased to announce Keystone Health is now using text message scheduling services to make it easier for our patients to communicate with us! Have you Signed Up for Our Patient Portal? It\'s FREE, easy and allows you to view and print records, test results, request an appointment, fill a n prescription and other information.

How do I make an appointment with behavioral health?

When the Behavioral Health office is closed, call our Crisis department at (717)264-2555 or go to the Chambersburg Hospital Emergency Department (112 N. 7th St., Chambersburg). Text or call (717) 709-7930 to make appointments.

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