Kaiser Permanente Health Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Kaiser Permanente?

Kaiser Permanente has been providing high-quality health care and coverage for more than 75 years. By connecting care with coverage, we pioneered a new model for health care, where things are designed to work together — and help our members thrive.

Does Kaiser Permanente offer health insurance in California?

Find the Lowest Prices Available on Kaiser Permanente Medical Insurance Plans or Get Discounts Through Our Covered California Options Kaiser Permanente is the oldest and largest Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in the United States, serving eight states and the District of Columbia.

What is CHC Kaiser Permanente?

Kaiser Permanente’s CHC programs provide health care coverage to low income individuals and families who don’t have access to other public or private health coverage. When you are a CHC member you receive: Enrollment in a Kaiser Permanente Individuals and Families health plan

Does Kaiser Permanente cover emergency and urgent care?

For emergency and urgent care needs Kaiser Permanente members are covered anywhere in the world. “Thrive” is Kaiser’s public campaign slogan. They seek to encourage all members to live life to the fullest with a big emphasize on preventative care and healthy lifestyle choices that impact overall well-being.

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