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Mental Health Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Permanente is committed to public policies that improve the quality of and access to mental health care and services. We are working to address the challenges in America’s mental health care system and contributing to the global mental health movement. Kaiser Permanente believes in and supports the following mental health guiding principles:

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Health Classes & Programs Health & Wellness Kaiser

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Your journey to better health starts here. As a Kaiser Permanente member, you can sign up for in-person, over-the-phone, and online wellness programs and classes designed to help you achieve your health goals. All sessions are taught by our team of experts and will walk you through how to make actionable lifestyle changes.

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Inside Kaiser Permanente's Broken Mental Health Care …

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Providers across the country—including Kaiser Permanente—are working hard to address the growing demand and emerging mental health crisis. Kaiser Permanente’s work to expand options to meet

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Psychiatry Intensive Outpatient Program Kaiser

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Psychiatry Intensive Outpatient Program - Kaiser Permanente East Bay East Bay Departments Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program Mental Health Overview Our Model of Care Clinical Case Management Services Treating Depression Intensive Outpatient Program Clinical Links for Adult Mental Health Oakland Adult Eating Disorders Program

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Kaiser’s Mental Health Services : Radicalmentalhealth

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Been in the Kaiser mental health services since I was 9 (2014) and I'm 17 now. Still dealing with the same & worse stuff. I find that Kaiser therapists are not interested in getting to the root of the issue, just managing the symptoms. They seem very understaffed, leading to minimal care. There is no middle ground. It's either therapy maybe once a month and a prescription, or being 5150 …

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STRIDE Program Kaiser Permanente Center For Health Research

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Portland (OR): Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research; 2013. Thank you for your interest in our STRIDE materials. Facilitator Guide for the STRIDE Program. A 30-Session Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Program for People who live with Mental Illness. Download PDF. STRIDE Food and Fitness Diary. Download PDF. STRIDE Participant Workbook . Download …

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Obtaining Outpatient Mental Health Care Kaiser

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Obtaining outpatient mental health care, including addiction and recovery Kaiser Permanente of Washington is no longer requiring prior authorization for outpatient therapy or psychiatry services provided by any provider in the member’s specific contracted network.

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Kaiser Permanente Names Director Of Mental Health Scholars

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With the current national shortage of mental health professionals expected to worsen in the coming years, and as the demand for mental health services continues to grow, Kaiser Permanente is creating the Mental Health Scholars Programs as part of its commitment to improving access to mental health care for all who need it.

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Mental Health Kaiser Permanente

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New Academy Helps Employees Launch Careers in Behavioral Health During Mental Health Month, Kaiser Permanente opens new academic initiative to support eligible Northern and Southern California employees wanting to start or progress in mental health careers. Read more Informational Webinars

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Earn A Master's Degree In Counseling From Kaiser

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Kaiser Permanente understands the value and need for mental health support and is doing its part to meet the shortage with the new Master of Science in Counseling program at the Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences. Kaiser Permanente employees are eligible for tuition assistance of 75% of the total cost of tuition.

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Behavioral Health Services Kaiser Permanente

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In addition to general outpatient mental health and chemical dependency treatment services, Kaiser Permanente offers a range of behavioral health clinical services. These services are offered at our Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers located in Virginia, District of Columbia, and Suburban Maryland. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

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Inside Kaiser Permanente’s Broken Mental Health Care System

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The American Psychological Association’s blistering and previously undisclosed assessment said that, in two decades of reviewing actions by mental health care providers, “We have never seen such an egregious case of delayed access” to care.. Kaiser Permanente casts an enormous shadow across California’s medical and political landscape. A health care …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does kaiser have a mental health training program?

with Us The Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Training Program provides future-focused, integrative training in a large multidisciplinary healthcare system. Trainees work in a wide range of settings and learn cutting-edge approaches reflecting the latest trends and advances in healthcare. Learn more about our program

What is kaiser permanente doing to help new therapists?

Kaiser Permanente will launch a new academic program focused on mental health careers, increasing the pipeline for new therapists statewide.

Does kaiser have postdoctoral programs in clinical psychology?

Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Postdoctoral Residency Programs in Clinical Psychology are organized into seven consortiums. Kaiser Permanente’s Mental Health Postdoctoral Residency Programs play a vital role in the overall healthcare delivery system of America’s leading, integrated health care system.

What is the mental health scholars academy at kaiser?

About the Mental Health Scholars Academy The Mental Health Scholars Academy is a Kaiser Permanente initiative to support the training of hundreds of new mental health professionals who intend to work for Kaiser Permanente in our Northern and Southern California regions.

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