Kaiser Mental Health Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Kaiser Permanente do for mental health?

Kaiser Permanente is committed to public policies that improve the quality of and access to mental health care and services. We are working to address the challenges in America’s mental health care system and contributing to the global mental health movement. Kaiser Permanente believes in and supports the following mental health guiding principles:

Does Kaiser Permanente have a personal doctor?

But your personal doctor is your biggest total health advocate. If you’re struggling, they can connect you with support and help you access care. As a Kaiser Permanente member, you have access to a broad range of mental health and addiction care options.

Are all treatments covered by Kaiser Permanente?

Not all treatments or services described are covered benefits for Kaiser Permanente members or offered as services by Kaiser Permanente. For a list of covered benefits, please refer to your Evidence of Coverage or Summary Plan Description. For recommended treatments, please consult with your health care provider.

What's at the center of the Kaiser Permanente strike?

While Kaiser declined to discuss negotiations, the union says starting salaries and benefits for new hires are at the center of bargaining. Kaiser Permanente\'s mental health therapists are entering the fifth week of a strike after contract negotiations on Monday with management failed to break an impasse.

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