Kaiser Healthy Workforce

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kaiser Permanente healthy workforce?

Kaiser Permanente’s Healthy Workforce program was launched in 2010. Through Healthy Workforce, Kaiser Permanente supports employees and customers to improve their health, well-being and productivity with industry-leading health and wellness resources.

How many employees does Kaiser have in the US?

Kaiser Permanente’s vision for workplace health is to create the healthiest workforce in the healthcare industry by building a culture of health for the organization’s 175,000 employees and nearly 18,000 physicians. Kaiser Permanente’s Healthy Workforce program was launched in 2010.

What is Kaiser Permanente doing to improve mental health care access?

The mental health care access challenges facing health care organizations are layered and complex, and at Kaiser Permanente we believe it’s time to prioritize expanding the available mental health workforce as part of the solution. We’ve made great strides in the areas of parity of care and stigma reduction.

How does Kaiser Permanente evaluate its employee performance?

Kaiser Permanente constantly evaluates its programs and solicits feedback from employees. Each year, all Kaiser Permanente employees are invited to participate in People Pulse, an online survey designed to assess whether the organization is creating an environment that promotes engagement and a high-performance culture.

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