Kaiser Health Insurance Premiums

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Kaiser Permanente for Medicare?

Learn about our Medicare health plans and choose Kaiser Permanente as you transition into Medicare. More companies are choosing Kaiser Permanente plans because, they just work better. See what makes us different.

What are Kaiser out-of-State premiums?

1 These premiums cover all Kaiser out-of-state areas. Since health care costs vary throughout California, regional pricing adjusts premiums to reflect the actual cost of health care in your specific region.

How do I pay my Kaiser Permanente individual and family plan?

For members with a Kaiser Permanente Individual and Family Plan purchased from a health insurance exchange who want to make premium payments outside of kp.org Watch our helpful video below to learn how to pay your Kaiser Permanente monthly premium, set up automatic payments, or make a one-time payment when you visit kp.org/payonline .

What is Kaiser HMO coverage?

Kaiser provides a second layer of HMO coverage where a member has the option to use it or not. Realizing his need for long term care, reinforced with the proper orientation and understanding of the product, the member may now opt not to use his Kaiser coverage.

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