Iu Health Urgent Care Indianapolis

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the urgent care center in Indianapolis?

IU Health Urgent Care, Broad Ripple is an urgent care center in Indianapolis. They are located at 1036 Broad Ripple Ave. Nationally, we are seeing urgent care patients wait an average of 15-30 minutes before being seen by a healthcare provider, which would likely be the case at IU Health Urgent Care, Broad Ripple.

Does IUIU have urgent care in Indiana?

IU Health Urgent Care Services As part of Indiana’s largest healthcare network, our urgent care locations are equipped to treat a wide array of illnesses and injuries. Our urgent care centers have on-site lab and X-ray services, which help us diagnose and develop a treatment plan.

Why choose IU Health urgent care-Broad Ripple?

When you visit IU Health Urgent Care - Broad Ripple in Indianapolis, you\'ll receive care designed for your specific needs. Our highly skilled team believes in treating you as a whole person - not just a symptom. At IU Health Urgent Care - Broad Ripple, you’ll have access to a broad range of urgent care services.

Who are the top urgent care companies in Indiana?

View the Top 100 urgent care companies IU Health (Indiana University Health) operates about a dozen urgent care centers in the greater Indianapolis area, as well as Indiana University Health Bloomington and Indiana University Health Arnett locations, each providing convenient medical care immediately.

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