Interventions For Behavioral Health

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a behavioural intervention?

Behavioral interventions are interventions designed to affect the actions that individuals take with regard to their health. The typical medical intervention is a clinical trial of a particular drug, surgery, or device. In the trial, doctors provide different services to different people, and then evaluate the outcomes.

Do behavior change interventions improve health outcomes?

Behavioral scientists suggest that for behavior change interventions to work effectively, and deliver population-level health outcomes, they must be underpinned by behavioral theory. However, despite implementation of such interventions, population levels of both health outcomes and linked behaviors have remained relatively static.

What types of interventions are used to promote behavior change?

Schools, religious and social organizations, large employers, and city government were recruited to encourage behavioral change. The focus of these interventions was to promote awareness and agenda setting, and to train people in skills needed to change behaviors and sustain those changes.

Which behavioral interventions work best in primary care?

Of the multiple behavioral interventions in existence, only a few have been proven to work in primary care including Problem Solving Therapy-Primary Care, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Counseling, and Behavioral Activation.

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