Interim Healthcare Corporate Headquarters

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people work at Interim Healthcare?

With over 43,000 health care professionals across 41 states, Interim provide nurses, therapists, aides and other health care personnel to approximately 173,000 people annually.

Why invest in Interim Healthcare?

Founded in 1966, Interim HealthCare Inc. is the nation\'s most experienced healthcare franchise company. At the core of this longevity and success is a network of over 300 independently owned franchisees and their commitment to providing the most compassionate and professional care available in the communities they serve.

What is interim home care?

It is the most comprehensive approach to home care available, designed to encompass care for the whole individual—mind, body, and spirit, in addition to care for the family. That’s why Interim has been the first choice for so many families for over five decades.

Where is Interim Healthcare RMC located?

The Interim HealthCare RMC franchise currently operates with over 70 offices across 5 states, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Loading...

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