Insurance Term Glossary

Glossary Understand Insurance

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A formal document providing evidence that an insurance policy has been issued by an insurer containing the details of the type of insurance cover, its value, any exclusion or excess limits, the premium and the period of the insurance cover (how long it …

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Glossary Of Insurance Terms CNA

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Glossary of Insurance Terms ActuaryA professional trained in the mathematics of insurance and risk management, including the calculations of premiums, policy reserves and other values. AgentThe insurance company representative who sells policies on behalf of the insurer. An independent agent

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AZ General Insurance Glossary: Words, Meaning & Terms

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ACCIDENT AND HEALTH INSURANCE : A policy that insures the policyholder and his/her dependent against injury, illness or death from an accident. Policy coverage payment reimbursement of the following expenses - visit to the doctor, …

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Insurance Terms & Definitions Orange Insurance & Bonding

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Below are some standard terms and definitions used when describing Business and Personal Insurance coverages. When reading the definitions, please keep in mind that this glossary is provided as a guide only curated from various sources. These general definitions are provided for educational purposes. Please refer to your policy or certificate of insurance for exact …

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Glossary Of Insurance Terms – Insurance Law Help

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Glossary of Insurance Terms – Insurance Law Help. Glossary of insurance terms meant as a resource for our readers, including a list of terms that are common in insurance policies and “lingo” and their definitions as follows: Actual Cash Value: This is the value of replacing an item of personal property minus the depreciation.

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Glossary Of Common Insurance Terms – Nationwide

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Portion (s) of an insurance policy that explains duties and responsibilities of the insured and the insurer. Condominium owners policy Insurance that protects the condominium and personal property of the policyholder and covers the condo owner’s personal liability for covered injuries or damage to others. Construction type

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GLOSSARY OF INSURANCE TERMS - 7 - © Carter Newell 2017 Capacity - The amount of capital available from an insurance company or the market for underwriting …

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Glossary And Acronyms Lloyd's

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Glossary and acronyms Glossary of insurance related terms used by Lloyd's and market participants. The following definitions are intended for general guidance. They do not override or qualify any definition that appears in any Lloyd’s byelaw or regulation, in any contract or in any other document. Home Help Glossary and Acronyms

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Insurance Terms Glossary

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A general term that refers to car insurance that includes comprehensive coverage and collision coverage (covering you and your vehicle in the event of an accident) as well as liability coverage (covering damage or injury to others and their vehicles).

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Insurance Glossary Definition Of Insurance Terms

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A Glossary of Basic Insurance Terms A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A Acceleration Clause The part of a contract that says when a loan may be

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Insurance Terms Glossary Insurance Terms Explained

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This Glossary of Insurance Terms has been published by British Insurance Brokers’ Association ( PUBLIC LOSS ASSESSOR. A Public Loss Assessor is an insurance professional who acts on behalf of you, the policyholder, for a fee. They work on the policy holders behalf and negotiate the best settlement and best terms following an insured peril. A loss assessor must …

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Insurance Insurance Glossary Definition

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Definition Insurance — a contractual relationship that exists when one party (the insurer) for a consideration (the premium) agrees to reimburse another party (the insured) for loss to a specified subject (the risk) caused by designated contingencies (hazards or perils).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i find a glossary of insurance terms?

This section clarifies the meaning of many insurance terms, often found in policy documents and correspondence with insurance companies. This Glossary of Insurance Terms has been published by British Insurance Brokers’ Association (

What is an insurance policy?

The legal document issued by the company to the policyholder, which outlines the conditions and terms of the insurance; also called the policy contract or the contract. • Policy Term: That period for which an insurance policy provides coverage.

Why did we create this insurance glossary?

That’s why we created this insurance glossary with the terms you need to know, in plain English. We want to help you make smarter, more informed decisions about protecting yourself, your family and your finances. Signing over ownership of an entire insurance policy to another party. There are a variety of reasons why a policyholder may do this.

What are the terms in car insurance?

Car Insurance Terms Glossary. Accidental Death Benefit (ADB): A supplementary life insurance policy benefit that provides a death benefit in addition to the policy’s basic death benefit if the insured’s death occurs as the result of an accident. Act of God: Natural occurrence beyond human control or influence.

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