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Frequently Asked Questions

How to check if an insurance company is licensed in Colorado?

Verify License of Insurance Agent / Agency / Company This button takes you to the Division\'s licensing vendor, Sircon, and will walk you through the process of a consumer inquiry to check if an insurance agent (also called a producer), insurance agency or insurance company is licensed in the State of Colorado.

How do I get a life insurance license in Colorado?

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Insurance (DORA DOI) requires you to complete a four-step process to obtain your life insurance license — from taking the life insurance exam to applying for a license.

What does the Colorado Division of insurance do?

The Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI) regulates the insurance industry in Colorado. We help consumers by answering their questions, investigating their complaints, and helping them to understand their insurance. We regulate and monitor the insurance companies in Colorado, as well as insurance agents, making sure everyone is following the law.

How do I contact Dora insurance in Colorado?

Contact Information. Colorado Division of Insurance. 1560 Broadway, Suite 850. Denver, CO 80202. Phone: 303-894-7499 | Toll free outside the Denver Metro Area: 800-930-3745. Email: [email protected]

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