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How many reviews does infinity have on car insurance?

Infinity car insurance reviews and complaints Out of 100 customer reviews submitted to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as of 2021, over 90 reviews were negative — leaving Infinity with a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.

What's wrong with Infinity Insurance?

Since the industry standard is 1.00, Infinity’s score shows that it sees many more complaints than normal. Some of these complaints include delays in claims processing, low claim settlements and outright denials of claims that should have been covered by existing policies. Recently, customers have experienced trouble with Infinity’s data privacy.

What is the phone number for Infinity Insurance customer service?

The phone number for Infinity Insurance customer service is 800-782-1020, and to learn general information and get insurance quotes, the phone number is 800-463-4648. Infinity Insurance also has an online chat service, in addition to their phone help lines and customer service email addresses.

What is Infiniti auto insurance?

Infinity auto insurance was established in 1955 with the name Dixie Insurance Company. The name was changed to Infinity in 1978. The company has been bought and sold many times since then. Infinity car insurance specializes in coverage for high-risk drivers and is focused on Hispanic markets. It prides itself on its bilingual customer service.

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