Indiana State Public Health

Frequently Asked Questions

How to report a complaint about a healthcare facility in Indiana?

Report a complaint regarding a healthcare facility Find a local health department Indiana Code for LHD’s LHD Outreach Office Local health department services Online Services Indiana Death Registration System (IDRS)

How did Indiana’s public health emergency end?

The governor’s office said Holcomb signed the bill into law shortly after Indiana House members voted by a wide margin in favor of the bill, setting the stage for Holcomb to lift the emergency declaration after nearly two years. Holcomb later Thursday signed an executive order ending the current public health emergency.

How many Indiana hospitals share information about nursing home funding?

In 2021, Cook sent a public records request to 20 Indiana hospitals to ask for information on how much of the nursing home funding they had received was going toward nursing home care. Twelve hospitals shared those amounts after some initially declined to provide the information.

Do Indiana taxpayers have a right to know how hospitals spend money?

Zachary Baiel, president of the Indiana Coalition for Open Government, told IndyStar in 2021 that taxpayers should have a right to know how their tax money is being spent by the hospitals.

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