Illinois State University Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ISU student health insurance work?

The ISU Student Health Insurance is always the excess payer on any claims, after your primary, family group coverage. Student Health Insurance will consider balances which remain after the primary insurance has processed the claim. If you have no other coverage, ISU Student Health Insurance will act as your primary carrier.

Do ISU students get a vision discount with health insurance?

All ISU students who have the Student Health Insurance plan have a vision discount provision automatically included with the premium. Check out participating providers in the EyeMed Vision Care Network.

Does ISU Student Health cover gender-affirming surgery?

For information specific to Illinois State University\'s Student Health Insurance plan please read documents specific to ISU. Beginning fall 2015, Aetna Student Health, the ISU Student Health Insurance plan, includes coverage for gender-affirming surgeries.

What is the student health insurance office?

The mission of the Student Health Insurance Office is to exceed the expectations of the University community, the student body, and of each unique individual in every action, interaction, and intention. We are located in Room 303 in the Student Services Building.

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