Illinois Mental Health Laws

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What are the new laws for Mental Health in Illinois?

Many of the new laws support youth mental health but others were passed to make it easier for Illinois residents to get care. The Illinois Department of Human Services is required to create and maintain an online database that provides mental health resources for students, school staff and parents.

What is the Illinois mental health and Developmental Disability Act?

The Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disability Act Explained The Mental Health and Developmental Disability Act is an Illinois law that establishes the rights of persons who are recipients of services from mental health facilities and developmental disability facilities.

What does Illinois law say about mental health first aid?

The legislation provides that school districts may use Mental Health First Aid taught by a certified instructor to fulfill training requirements. Public colleges in Illinois are also now required to develop programs to address student mental health but the Governor needs to allocate funding before this law is implemented.

What are Illinois’s new mental health excused absence laws?

Effective January 1st, 2022, Illinois students who are suffering from mental health issues or now afforded up to five days of excused absence from school. In addition, the students seeking time off due to mental health issues are also given a reasonable amount of time to make up any missed assignments, tests, or homework.

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