Il Dept Public Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Illinois Department of Public Health located in Illinois?

Find 10 external resources related to Illinois Department Of Public Health. The Illinois Department Of Public Health, located in Springfield, IL, monitors public health risks, coordinates Springfield agencies responding to public health threats, and enforces Illinois public health standards.

What does the Chicago Department of Public Health do?

The Chicago Department of Public Health provides guidance, services, and strategies that make Chicago a healthier and safer city. Environment, Healthy Chicago 2.0, Healthy Chicago 2025, PlayStreets, Vector Control Adolescent Health, Cannabis, HIV, Obesity, Pharmaceutical Representative License, Tobacco, Substance Use, Violence Prevention

What's new in the IL Public Health Community Map?

The IL Public Health Community Map was updated August 19, 2021. Updates include insurance, mortality, outpatient, ED services, and more. Vax Verify allows residents 18 years and older to check their COVID-19 vaccination records.

How does the Illinois Department of Public Health regulate plumbers?

These outcomes have the potential to lead to disease and adverse health effects. To protect public health, the Illinois Department of Public Health regulates plumbers and the plumbing trade by maintaining a minimum code of standards for plumbing practices.

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