Ihp Health Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What are integrated health promotion plans (ihp)?

Integrated Health Promotion Plans (or IHP ’s for short) are documents that are used across Victoria in our State’s Health policy and infrastructure to help organize effort to promote health and wellbeing. They describe how a service (like WHISE) will deliver benefits and activities to the community and promote positive wellbeing.

What is the difference between ihp and EHP?

an Individual Health Plan (IHP)—describes the routine procedures required at school. an Emergency Health Plan (EHP)—provides step-by-step directions on how to safely manage a predictable medical emergency specific to the health condition, including the correct use of emergency medication.

What is Ingham health plan (ihp)?

The Ingham Health Plan (IHP) is a health coverage program for low-income Ingham County residents who don\'t have access to affordable health insurance. IHP is NOT insurance, but it helps people get the health care services they need. There is little cost for those who otherwise would not have basic, medically needed, health and dental services.

What is individualized health plan (ihp)?

Individualized Health Plan (IHP): A plan developed by the professional school nurse in collaboration with lawful custodians and others which outlines specific healthcare to be given to an individual student. This plan may or may not be a part of the IEP/IFSP or Section 504 accommodation plan.

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