Healthcare Vendor Management Bluepipes

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And there are some amazing companies on the list including Valley Healthcare Staffing, Atlas MedStaff, Travel Nurse Across America, Trinity Healthcare Staffing, The Right Solutions, Soliant, and many more. You can also store copies of your licenses and certifications on BluePipes so that you can manage all your documents in one central location.

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Travel Nursing Companies BluePipes

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The first is known as the Vendor Management System (VMS). A VMS is a web-based software application that provides a range of tools designed to allow hospitals to centrally manage their contingent staffing suppliers (healthcare staffing agencies). …

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Vendor Management Service Archives BluePipes Blog

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Or, agencies can go through a middleman commonly referred to as a Vendor Management System whereby every agency that does business with the hospital must go through the same middleman. Or, the hospital can utilize a Managed Service Provider which is a healthcare staffing company that holds an exclusive contract with the hospital and sub-contracts out to other …

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About BluePipes BluePipes

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Together, the two refined the concept and BluePipes was launched in May of 2013. Today, thousands of healthcare professionals trust BluePipes to help them manage their career related clinical records and vital details, facilitate their professional networks and obtain career related advice and information. What Our Members Are Saying on Facebook

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The Pros And Cons Of Managed Service BluePipes Blog

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Find your next travel healthcare job on BluePipes! A Vendor Management Service offers one central source for the hospital to work with in meeting its …

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Healthcare Recruitment Simplified BluePipes

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Thousands of healthcare profesionals trust BluePipes to help them manage their careers. We provide powerful document management tools, professional networking and trusted career advice. DISCOVER HOW BLUEPIPES CAN SIMPLIFY YOUR RECRUITMENT EFFORTS. For Permanent Employers

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Services – Bluepipes Healthcare

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BluePipes services. We are a Pharmaceutical Firm based Company managing in a wide scope of Quality Pharmaceutical items and giving Contract producing everywhere on the Globe. We are additionally completing Third Party Manufacturing for our customers. Our Marketing and Sales group Consists of truly competent, engaged and experienced Employees empowering us to …

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About – Bluepipes Healthcare

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BluePipes is an ISO 9001:2008 Organization. Established in the year 2009 and continuously ” Cultivating a healthier future” for living organisms. BluePipes manufacture and markets organic products across the globe have grown by leap and bond over the last decade. Our pioneering sprit paved the way of immunology healthcare and we continue apply to same sprit in finding …

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9 Points Of Debate Between Travel Nursing BluePipes Blog

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Find your next travel healthcare job on BluePipes! In the context of healthcare staffing, a Vendor Management Service is any mechanism that helps healthcare employers manage their business with various vendors, ie healthcare staffing agencies.

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BluePipes Review For Travel Nurses TNAA

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BluePipes was founded in May 2013 and now thousands of people use the site to manage their own records, details and professional networks, as well as obtain career advice and information. The Pros: Uniquely designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry Free to use Fast and easy set up

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How Frustration With The Staffing Industry And A Screening

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Staffing Hub: BluePipes is also an agent for that kind of information, bringing travel nurses together to provide professional resources and providing answers to a lot of questions they have about the nitty-gritty of their profession. Can you talk a little bit about what inspired you to start BluePipes, and why you set out to meet that need?

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BluePipes – Overview, Competitors & Reviews On StackVantage

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BluePipes BluePipes provides services designed to address the unique career challenges of the healthcare industry, including license and certification management, continuing education, skills evaluation, document management, permanent employment opportunities, travel nursing assignments, Locum Tenen assignments, agency PRN, and more.

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Discover Jobs BluePipes

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Select this field of practice if you are an employer, recruiter, sales representative, or other professional interested in connecting with healthcare professionals for professional purposes. Back Find your next staff, travel or per diem job on BluePipes

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Travel Nurse Recruitment Simplified BluePipes

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Thousands of travel nurses trust BluePipes to help them manage their careers. We provide powerful document management tools, professional networking and the most trusted travel nursing information in the industry. And we do all of this while never selling their contact information to third parties. FREE TOOLS FOR TRAVEL HEALTHCARE RECRUITMENT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is bluepipes?

While working in the healthcare staffing industry, BluePipes cofounder Kyle Schmidt developed a passion for solving the career management and employment onboarding problems that were having a profoundly negative impact on his clients.

Why should i update my availability on bluepipes?

Many job boards have expired jobs. BluePipes has powerful job-feed automation. Let the jobs come to you. Update your Availability to let our software and network of recruiters know what you're looking for. Recruiters contact you through the BluePipes messaging system so your contact information stays private.

What can bluepipes do for you?

Download your profile in two resume formats. BluePipes helps you record everything hiring managers require. Access over 100 skills checklists for nurses, therapists, techs and more.

How do i apply for a job on bluepipes?

Access over 100 skills checklists for nurses, therapists, techs and more. Render your profile as a job application with background questions and signing statements. Upload credentials and tag them with contents, notes and expiration dates to stay current. Apply for jobs on BluePipes with just a couple of clicks.

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