Ground Rounds Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grand Rounds health?

Grand Rounds Health is a tech-driven healthcare company that offers an employer-based technology alternative for healthcare services. View contacts for Grand Rounds Health to access new leads and connect with decision-makers.

Can ground rounds promote evidence-based practice and improve patient care?

It aims at promoting evidence-based practice and offering an effective strategy to positively change patient care. In Iran, ground rounds is a relatively new concept; thus, there is little information about this strategy and its advantages and implementation. This study aimed to conduct an integrative review and classify the existing studies on NGR.

What do the digital health Grand Rounds sessions involve?

The sessions inform and update participants on the latest developments in research and how health informatics is translating to inform and directly impact clinical care and patient outcomes. The Digital Health Grand Rounds series will recommence in February 2022.

What are nursing Grand Rounds (NGR)?

Nursing grand rounds (NGR) provide staff nurses a forum to share clinical expertise and the best of nursing practice at their institutions in a setting that recognizes their unique contributions to the nursing profession.

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