Global Vet Link Health Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

What is globalvetlink?

GlobalVetLINK provides an animal owner portal for accessing all of your GVL certificates including eCVIs, eEIA (Coggins), and GoPass® (6 month equine passport). Since our certificates are digitally signed and available online, there is no need to fumble around with folders & paper documents.

How does GVL work with my veterinarian?

The GVL platform keeps animal owners and livestock producers connected to their veterinarians and animal health records to improve animal wellness, ease travel and transport. Ask your veterinarian how you can get started with digital animal health records through GVL. Want to get started with MyVetLink?

How do I join myvetlink?

To join MyVetLink as an animal owner or agent (trainer, stable owner, transporter, etc.), ask your GVL veterinarian to grant you access. Learn more at

Why become a GVL member?

Join the thousands of veterinarians, vet techs and animal health practitioners who save time with GVL’s cloud-based platform for animal health and movement documents. The most comprehensive platform for animal health and movement regulatory compliance. Ensure your clients have everything they need for international travel with their pet.

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