Games On Mental Health Illness

Frequently Asked Questions

What video games are good for mental health?

10 Video Games That Deal With Mental Illness 1 Gris. 2 Child of Light. 3 Celeste. 4 Night in the Woods. 5 The Last of Us. 6 ... (more items)

Why do we play games about mental illness?

This helps foster a more empathetic understanding as you can literally put yourself in the shoes of someone experiencing symptoms of mental illness. I’ve played a lot of indie games over the years and during that time I’ve encountered several amazing examples of mental health depicted in an approachable and honest light.

What are the challenges of gaming in mental health?

Rather different challenges include those of face validity and diverse user motivations. People often do not seek help for mental health issues until these are relatively serious (22), in which case a game may be perceived as trivializing or inappropriate (Fleming et al., manuscript in preparation).

Are game developers doing enough to promote mental health awareness?

Tara Voelker, one of Xbox’s accessibility program managers, says that while game developers are attuned to thinking about accessibility in gaming for people with physical disabilities, there’s less awareness about players with mental health issues.

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