Gallatin Mental Health Center Bozeman

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Bozeman health buy Gallatin Mental Health Center campus?

The county may cut ties with WMMHC. Bozeman Health is looking to buy the Gallatin Mental Health Center’s campus. WMMHC says it committed to staying in Gallatin County.

How to contact Gallatin mental health center (GMHC)?

Contact Person: Tracy Rassley, 406-451-9223, [email protected] Gallatin Mental Health Center (GMHC) crisis response is a team of mental health professionals that conducts emergency evaluations and recommends voluntary or emergency detention placements at Hope House.

Where are Gallatin County’s inpatient mental health beds?

With a population of a little more than 118,000, Gallatin County now has no inpatient mental health care beds inside a medical facility. Bozeman Health’s promised 12-bed inpatient psychiatric unit won’t open until at least 2023.

Why is Gallatin County’s mental health system struggling?

Gallatin County has a complicated infrastructure for mental health care. Several nonprofits and organizations fill crucial gaps in the continuum of behavioral health care. When one isn’t operating fully, the system struggles to remain upright.

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