Franklin County Nc Public Health

Frequently Asked Questions

What is North Carolina public health?

North Carolina Public Health is community health. Disease prevention, health services and health promotion programs protect entire communities – not just individuals – from untoward outcomes such as communicable diseases, epidemics, and contaminated food and water. We work daily to reduce the impact of chronic and oral diseases.

How do I get an appointment at Franklin County Health Department?

Call 919-496-2533 to see if you qualify for an appointment! Franklin County Health Department has provided high-quality, affordable health care to the people of Franklin County for many years. We are committed to continue providing services to the best of our ability as our health department clinic is under construction.

What is the Franklin County Public Health sign program?

We have also utilize a sign program that allows restaurants and other businesses we inspect, such as groceries and convenience stores, to inform customers they have been inspected by Franklin County Public Health and let them know the inspection report is available online. The sign program is a voluntary program.

What does the Franklin County Public Utilities Department do?

The Franklin County Public Utilities Department provides quality water and sewer services to approximately 7,700 customers in Franklin County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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