Florida Medical Insurance Fraud

Fraud & Abuse Healthcare Law Florida Healthcare Law Firm

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You can’t submit Medicare or Medicaid claims you know are fraudulent. Doing so is a violation of the False Claims Act, and fines are steep. Typically, healthcare professionals know that they’re breaking this particular …

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The 2021 Florida Statutes Florida Legislature

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The 2021 Florida Statutes Title XLVI CRIMES Chapter 817 FRAUDULENT PRACTICES View Entire Chapter 817.234 False and fraudulent insurance claims.— (1) (a) A person commits insurance fraud punishable as provided in subsection (11) if that person, with the intent to injure, defraud, or deceive any insurer: 1.

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Medical Director Convicted Of $110 Million Fraud WPEC

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A Florida doctor was convicted in a health care fraud scheme that billed private insurance companies approximately $110 million for unnecessary treatments. According to court documents, 59-year

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Healthcare Billing Fraud: 9 Recent Cases

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A Florida physician was convicted Feb. 10 for his role in a healthcare fraud scheme that involved billing health insurance companies for $110 million in medically unnecessary services, according to

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Health Care Fraud — FBI

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Health care fraud can be committed by medical providers, patients, and others who intentionally deceive the health care system to receive unlawful benefits or payments. The FBI is …

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The Free Kill Loophole For Insurance Fraud FMRA

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There is a little known loophole that hospitals are using to commit insurance fraud. It's called the Florida Free Kill Law. According to Florida law, if a medical professional causes death to a patient via medically negligent acts, the hospital of employment is not allowed to file an insurance claim for services rendered. It makes sense right: If you kill someone (or employ …

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Medical Director Convicted In $110 Million Addiction

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Medical Director Convicted in $110 Million Addiction Treatment Fraud Scheme A federal jury convicted a Florida doctor yesterday in the Southern District of Florida for a health care fraud scheme that billed private health insurance companies approximately $110 million for addiction treatment services that were not medically necessary.

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Insurance Fraud Florida Healthcare Law Firm

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insurance fraud . All posts tagged insurance fraud. Collect Now…or Pay Later by admin on June 18, 2014 No comments

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National Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action Results In

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The federal charges filed in South Florida cover a wide range of schemes, from novel crimes like theft of Covid-19 personal protection equipment and fraud connected to substance abuse treatment facilities (sober homes), to more familiar violations like health care fraud involving durable medical equipment suppliers, home health, pharmacies, payment of …

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Report Insurance Fraud And Abuse Florida Blue

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To combat fraud and abuse, Florida Blue’s Special Investigation Unit conducts investigations when a fraudulent insurance act is suspected or has been committed. These acts range from billing for a service that was never rendered to duplicate submission of a claim for the same service and misrepresenting the services provided.

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Division Of Investigative And Forensic Services

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Division of Insurance Fraud. Report Insurance Fraud. To check the status of a Referral click here: To Report Fraud continue with the following: Type of Fraud: Application Fraud Arson for Profit Aviation Fraud Commercial Insurance Disability Fraud Healthcare Homeowners/Property Identity Theft Licensee Life Insurance Fraud Marine Fraud PIP Fraud

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Insurance Fraud: Everything You Need To Know PolicyAdvice

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Insurance fraud in Florida is most common in Miami, while Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando ranked just a bit lower on the scale. The greatest scams are directed toward the most vulnerable portion of residents in the state—seniors and elderly people who can be tricked into believing the false investment possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the people charged with health care fraud in florida?

United States v. Nieves Suarez, et al., On June 12, 2018, Nieves Suarez, 48, Arlety Guerra Prieto, 45, and Mariela Quintana, 49, all of Miami, Florida, were charged by indictment with conspiracy to commit health care fraud and four counts of health care fraud.

How do medical providers commit health insurance fraud?

Medical providers can commit health insurance fraud by making false claims, billing for services not provided or supplies not used, or altering existing claims. It is believed that most healthcare providers that commit health insurance fraud do so in order to receive greater compensation that they normally would from Medicare or Medicaid.

What is health insurance fraud and how can it affect you?

Health insurance fraud is the act of deceiving, misrepresenting information, or concealing information with the intent to receive benefits. Both patients and providers can commit health insurance fraud. When patients commit health insurance fraud, it is usually by falsifying or altering forms,...

Does the fbi investigate health care fraud?

The FBI is the primary agency for investigating health care fraud, for both federal and private insurance programs. The FBI investigates these crimes in partnership with: Insurance groups such as the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and insurance investigative units

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