Farmers Insurance Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are farmers'insurance rates compared to the national average?

Compared to the national average of $1,321, that’s $314 more annually. While reviewing Farmers\' average rates, we also found that this company\'s insurance premiums are typically high across the board, regardless of age, credit rating, annual mileage, and driving record.

How do I access my farmers® annual mileage survey?

Thank you for trusting Farmers® with your insurance needs. To access your Annual Mileage Survey, please enter your Policy Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Forgot My PIN?

How does Farmers'Insurance compare to other companies for teen drivers?

As such, you may find that Farmers\' average rates are not representative of your individualized rate. Compared to other insurance companies included in our study, Farmers has the second-highest rates for teen drivers with rates as much as 48% higher than the national average.

How does farmers auto insurance rank for customer service?

Overall, Farmers auto insurance manages to rank highly for customer service, placing fourth out of the nine companies we analyzed. USAA leads the pack for customer service, followed by State Farm and Nationwide.

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