Family Health Centers Inc Phoenix

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a family health center?

Family Health Centers, Inc., is a not-for-profit community health center that provides a variety of health care services regardless of a person’s health insurance status or ability to pay for services. They provide services to more than 37,000 patients annually through seven Family Health Centers sites throughout Louisville Metro.

What services does FHC-Phoenix provide?

Since 1988, Family Health Centers has operated a Health Care for the Homeless Clinic in the Louisville Metro region. Centrally located near downtown Louisville and close to the city’s homeless shelters, FHC- Phoenix services more than 6,000 homeless adults and children each year. FHC-Phoenix provides the following services:

Why choose family health centers of San Diego?

Founded in 1970, Family Health Centers of San Diego is dedicated to providing caring, affordable, high-quality health care and supportive services to everyone, with a special commitment to uninsured, low-income and medically underserved persons.

How do I contact family health centers?

The friendly staff at Family Health Centers is here to answer any questions you have. Contact a health center site or a department by telephone or send a comment to Family Health Centers using the form below. Family Health Centers will make every effort to respond to your comment or question in a timely manner.

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