Examples Of Negative Health Advertisements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is negative advertising and how to avoid it?

When an ad tells you what not to do, it is called “negative advertising”. This type of advertisements usually refers to negative aspects of the product or action tackled. This post is the collection of most persuading advertisements that show what is going to happen if you continue doing that, visualize the affect or the message:

What are some examples of advertisements that claim to be healthy?

A vintage cigarette ad from the days when it was legal to use claims about cigarettes\' supposed health benefits made by physicians. Sugar ad claiming that sugar can be used to prevent overeating, when sugar is one of the main foods associated with the negative effects of overeating. Advertisement depicting milk shakes as healthy.

Are negative health and fitness advertisements too far fetched?

Even though body positivity has already increased over the years, some negative health and fitness advertisements would still look the same. It’s always the fit ones working out in stylish spaces that can be too far fetched.

What are some examples of Health and fitness ads that are misleading?

For instance, here are five recent examples of egregiously misleading health and fitness ads. In 2009 and 2010, Reebok ran a series of ads for its EasyTone and RunTone shoes featuring lithe and toned models professing the benefits of the footwear\'s special toning soles.

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