Era Health Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Is new era health plans a good company?

New Era Health Plans is unique from other health insurers because they offer customized health insurance plans in 32 states. Its agents help individuals and families build health insurance coverage plans that meet their medical and financial needs. The company is an especially good option for those who are self-employed.

What kind of medical services does era health offer?

Some of our medical services include skin checks for skin cancer, HIV rapid test, mental health services, men’s health, women’s health, Telehealth and more. Besides our Melbourne medical centre, Era Health also has dental, Allied health and Corporate health clinic.

What is client education for new era health insurance?

Client education comes hand-in-hand with customized plans. The insurance company’s agents have a high level of expertise. They work to educate their clients about all the details of their New Era health insurance plan so that they understand exactly what they are buying.

How do I get instant quotes for new era health plans?

New Era Health Plans does not provide online instant quotes. Instead, you have to schedule a consultation with an agent because the insurance coverage is customized. During the consultation, potential clients discuss what they need in an insurance policy and learn more about what health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses would look like.

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