Environmental Health Safety Technician

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an environmental health&safety technician do?

The environmental health & safety technician is on the front line of implementing policy and equipment that contribute towards general environmental quality. While not responsible for deciding on organizational policy, they will act under the instructions of those who do make decisions such as environmental health & safety managers.

What degree do I need to work in Environmental Health&Safety?

Equally important is interpersonal communication and a professional presentation to the right people. Although most occupations health & safety roles do not require degree education, environmental health & safety is a specialist area that will require an associate degree at the very minimum.

How much do environmental health and safety technicians make?

Environmental health and safety technicians earn a median salary of $46,850, according to the BLS. With experience, the highest 10% of earners most in demand can earn in excess of $80,530.

What does a health and safety technician do?

Working with management and delivery teams to advise on the statutory health, safety and environmental requirements. The SHE Technician will be able to work in organisations of varying size and industry; the role could be based in one location or may involve travel across a range of contracts.

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