Drive Insurance Company In California

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the drive insurance company website?

The Drive Insurance company website also allows policyholders to manage their policies, make a payment, request ID card, and report or track a claim. Drive Insurance customer claims are managed through the Progressive Direct website.

Which auto insurance company insures the most cars in California?

AAA and its underwriting affiliates (the Interinsurance Exchange and the CSAA Insurance Exchange) together insure the most number of cars in the state of California: 3.7MM cars as of 2013.

How much is full coverage car insurance in California?

Full coverage car insurance in California averages around $2,065 a year. However, because car insurance rates are personalized and depend heavily on your individual rating factors, your premium may be higher or lower than the state average. What is the best car insurance company in California?

Is it hard to choose a car insurance company in California?

With so many options when buying car insurance, it\'s no wonder that choosing a company and policy in the Golden State can be difficult. We\'ve taken a look at the largest auto insurance companies in California to help inform consumers about their choices.

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