Donald Trump Health Records

Donald Trump’s Actual Medical Records GQ

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Actual. Medical Records. Donald Trump’s formal medical evaluation came out today, and, as you might have guessed, it is a thoroughly majestic, unbelievably adverb-strewn piece of unnecessarily

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Documents Donald Trump 'improperly' Removed From The …

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Records matter," he said. The agency said it did not get hold of the records until mid-January — almost a year after Mr Trump officially left the White House. Fifteen boxes of documents were recovered from Mr Trump's Florida resort. (Reuters: Carlos Barria)

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Donald Trump Health Records: Less Transparency Than In

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On health records, finances, campaign flights. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are less transparent than past candidates, and that is going to hurt whoever ends up in the White House. Connect Wallet

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4 Things We Learned From Donald Trump's Health …

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Blood Pressure: 116/70 According to the American Heart Association, a healthy blood pressure is less than 120/80, so Trump's is considered normal. Doctors warn …

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White House Records Taken By Trump Contained Classified

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The National Archives and Records Administration confirmed on Friday that it found classified material among the boxes of White House documents that former President Donald Trump improperly took

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Donald Trump Reveals Medical Records On Dr. Oz Show

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Donald Trump reveals medical records on The Dr. Oz Show. DONALD Trump has been declared as “slightly overweight” on The Dr. Oz Show while Hillary Clinton makes a comeback after battling pneumonia.

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Trump Has Taken Pains To Hide Medical Record, Equating

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Bornstein reported that Trump had "no significant medical problems" over the past 39 years, had not suffered from cancer, no surgeries except a childhood appendectomy and excellent cardiovascular health and blood pressure.

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Donald Trump's White House Logs Ordered Released To

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Investigators also are seeking communications between the National Archives and Mr Trump's aides about 15 boxes of records that the agency recovered from Mr Trump at …

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Donald Trump's Destroying Of Records Shows 'a Guilty Mind

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According to former White House counsel John Dean, Donald Trump’s habit of destroying presidential records means he has a “guilty mind.”. Speaking on CNN, Dean, a prominent figure during the

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Donald Trump's Tax Records To Be Released, Damaging Memo

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Former United States president Donald Trump has suffered a pair of setbacks with the Justice Department clearing the way for the release of his tax records and also disclosing a memo showing he

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Records Taken From Donald Trump Included Classified

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The National Archives and Record Administration confirmed that boxes of documents it recovered from ex-President Donald Trump’s Florida home included classified national security papers (Picture

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Clinton Camp Rips 'terribly Weak' Trump On Health Records

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Clinton camp rips 'terribly weak' Trump on health records. Hillary Clinton's campaign sees no reason to put out an update on her health, chief strategist Joel Benenson said Thursday, smacking down

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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump To Release Health Records

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Trump, who will be releasing his own medical records soon, said he hoped Clinton was on the mend. “I hope she gets well soon,” Trump said overnight. “Something’s going on. I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail.” The Republican presidential candidate has previously made an issue of Clinton’s health.

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