Doctors Health Group Miami

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is doctors health group of s FL located?

Doctors Health Group Of S FL is a medical group practice located in Miami, FL that specializes in Family Medicine. Does Doctors Health Group Of S FL ... Does Doctors Health Group Of S FL offer appointments outside of business hours? Is Doctors Health Group Of S FL physically located within a hospital?

What is the Medical Group?

The Medical Group is comprised of primary care physicians (PCP), as well as specialists located at the Belmont/Redwood Shores office, and cardiovascular surgeons located in Redwood City on the Sequoia Hospital campus. The staff includes capable and caring medical assistants, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other care providers.

Who are the best family doctors in Palo Alto?

Family Doctors in Palo Alto 1 Ashlee H. Arteaga, M.D. 2 Rekha C. Avirah, M.D. 3 Jennifer S. Falk, M.D. 4 Joaquin A. Galarza, M.D. 5 Steven Hansen, M.D. 6 Virginia K. Heese, M.D. 7 Sherry Huang, M.D. 8 Christine Huo, M.D. 9 Steven R. Lane, M.D., MPH, FAAFP 10 Elizabeth W. Lee, M.D. More ...

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