Doctorate Of Healthcare Administration Jobs

PhD Healthcare Administration Jobs, Employment

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PhD Healthcare Administration jobs Sort by: relevance - date Page 1 of 232 jobs Online Adjunct Instructor Oral Roberts University 4.2 Remote in Tulsa, OK 74171 Part-time Oral Roberts University invites applications for part-time adjunct faculty positions. Candidates must have a master's degree in the teaching field (doctoral… 30+ days ago · More

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Doctor Of Health Administration: Salary And Career Facts

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Having a Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) may allow you to advance your leadership career as a medical and health services manager, or open the door to a career in academia. Medical and health services managers are responsible for making sure medical facilities run efficiently, yet offer patients quality care and meet government regulations.

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18 Jobs You Can Get With A Degree In Healthcare …

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Healthcare administration is the management of the business side, or all non-clinical functions, of a healthcare facility. This may include daily operation tasks, such as overseeing a budget, staffing and long-term strategic planning.

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Doctorate In Healthcare Administration Salary: 8 Top …

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Leaders with a DHA can amplify their careers, both in responsibility and lifetime earning potential. For example, a DHA qualifies professionals for C-Suite positions, which according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for chief executives was $197,840 as of May 2020, with the potential to earn much more.

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8 Careers You Can Consider With A Health Administration …

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A graduate with a degree in health administration is usually qualified to work in settings such as: Hospitals Clinics Doctor's offices Nursing homes Types of health administration degree careers Those with a healthcare administration degree can pursue a variety of career paths.

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Doctorate In Healthcare Administration Jobs Now Hiring

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The 7 Best Doctor of Health Administration (D.H.A.) in Posted: (4 days ago) Graduates now work as clinical directors, nursing directors, and health information management directors in prominent research and medical facilities. Their professional success can be partly … Job Description Medical Nursing View All Jobs

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Doctorate Of Health Administration Jobs (with Salaries) 2021

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Search 42 Doctorate of Health Administration jobs now available on, the world's largest job site.

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What Jobs Can You Get With A Health Administration Degree?

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As a healthcare administrator, you could work in different fields including: Medical hospital manager: Your degree in health care administration should open up leadership careers in the healthcare field. You could become a management professional in a medical facility, dental care facility, or any other specialty care clinics focusing on

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Doctor Of Healthcare Administration Jobs Now Hiring

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Doctor of Health Administration: Salary and Career Facts. Posted: (4 days ago) Having a Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) may allow you to advance your leadership career as a medical and health services manager, or open the door to a career in academia. Medical and health services managers are responsible for making sure medical facilities run efficiently, yet …

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50 Best EntryLevel Healthcare Administration Jobs – 2022

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The highest salary for entry-level healthcare administration jobs is in New Jersey. The states that pay the highest salaries for the states are New York, Hawaii, Maryland, and Delaware. The top high salaries by state range from $74,070 to $85,690. Rank.

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Doctor Of Health Administration Jobs Now Hiring

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10 Possible Careers with Health Administration Degree in 2021. Posted: (10 days ago) Nov 06, 2021 · What jobs are available for health administration degree holders? 1.Hospital Chief Executive Officer 2. Government policy Maker 3. Training and Development Manager 4.

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What Can I Do With A Doctorate In Healthcare Leadership?

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For example, if you earn a Ph.D. in Health Care, you’ll more often work in academia, as a researcher and professor. If you instead opt to earn a DSHC (doctorate in health science), you’re more likely to work at the highest levels of clinical practices, or in health administration. Keep in mind that these are guidelines, not proclamations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with a doctorate in health administration?

Career Options for Doctorate of Health Administration. Job opportunities for individuals with a Ph.D. in Healthcare Administration are often found in academic fields as a professor or university president. Outside of academia those with a Ph.D. may find themselves as a highly sought after consultant or as a CEO, CFO or COO for a health system.

What is the job description of a healthcare administrator?

Health care administrators, sometimes referred to as health care managers and health services managers, direct all hospital operations and health systems. Their main responsibility is to facilitate, programs, services, budgets, staff, management functions, and relationships with other organizations.

How much do health administration jobs pay per year?

Health administrators with D.H.A. degrees who work in big hospitals earn as much as $207,000 per year. This professional field is expected to grow as demand rises on account of more baby-boomers seeking quality healthcare.

What is an online doctor of health administration degree program?

CMU's online Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) degree program is offered in a convenient hybrid format, allowing working healthcare professionals to earn their degree while keeping their current careers in motion. The DHA is scheduled as a cohort, with the same set of students working through their courses together for support and community.

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