Dhh Behavioral Health License Requirement

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a license to be a BHS provider?

All BHS providers shall be licensed by the DHH. It shall be unlawful to operate as a BHS provider without a license issued by the department. B. A BHS provider license authorizes the provider to provide behavioral health services. C. A BHS provider license shall: 1.

What license do I need to provide addiction and/or behavioral health services?

LACs providing addiction and/or behavioral health services must adhere to their scope of practice license.

When is a mental health rehabilitation provider required to be licensed?

If a mental health rehabilitation provider performs behavioral health services other than mental health rehabilitation services, the provider shall be licensed according to these licensing rules. 15.

How do I become a licensed behavioral health specialist?

Though academic work is vital to becoming a licensed behavioral health specialist, experience is what truly molds a professional. In fact, state licensing boards require a certain number of practical hours under the supervision of a licensed professional.

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