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Support Tip: Using Device Health Attestation Settings As

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Intune Compliance policy for Windows devices allows an administrator to specify that a device should have one or more of three security-related elements supported and checked by the Windows Device Health Attestation (DHA) service. These include: Require Code Integrity Require Secure Boot Require BitLocker Encryption

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Device Health Attestation Intune Device Compliance …

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Here comes to rescue, the Windows Device Health Attestation (DHA), a feature that was released with the first version of Windows 10 (v1507 or codename TH1), with the sole purpose of ensuring that the device boot phase is not compromised and the device boots to a trusted state. DHA in itself does not secures the Windows boot process.

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Missing Health Attestation Data In SCCM

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I'm evaluating the Health Attestation functions in SCCM CB (1610) and having difficulty getting it going. It seems fairly straight forward; if you have Internet access just configure the client policy to Yes for "Enable communication with Health Attestation Service" and away you go. That did remove warning from the Monitoring page that said "no device health …

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SCCM Client Health Dashboard Overview Prajwal Desai

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In the SCCM console, go to the Monitoring workspace. Expand Client status, and select the Client health dashboard node. SCCM Client Health Dashboard in SCCM 1906 Client Health Dashboard Filters The top row in the dashboard contains the filters. You can filter the view by several attributes to see any potential issues by OS and client versions.

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Health Attestation Reporting All Computers Not ELAM Compliant

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The Health Attestation feature thinks that the ELAM feature is not enabled on my computer (on any computer). However, I checked this morning and it is enabled on my computer and reporting it is not compliant/healthy because of ELAM. I also did a few config manager tasks to update policies on the client and to do new hardware & software inventories. No change after.

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FIX SCCM Client Issues Automation Process Resolution

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FIX SCCM Client Issues. In my experience, this tool will be able to resolve 20-30% of client issues without any manual intervention. Following thirty (29) tasks are included in SCCM 1802 health evaluation (ccmeval.exe) tool:-. Verify WMI service exists. Verify/Remediate WMI service startup type.

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Enabling Device Health Attestation In Windows 10

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Device Health Attestation ( DHA) is a new Windows 10 feature that allows Windows 10 to do a health check to the cloud or to an on-premises server (requires Windows Server 2016) before gaining access to internal resources. It is a new health status that can be used as a rule in Conditional Access for Windows 10 devices. Note

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Device Health Attestation Sccm Medical And Health

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Device Health Attestation Sccm - Health (6 days ago) Device Health Attestation Sccm Device Show details . 6 hours ago 2 hours ago Device Health Attestation (DHA) is a new Windows 10 feature that allows Windows 10 to do a health check to the cloud or to an on-premises server (requires Windows Server 2016) …

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Configuring An Onpremises Device Health Attestation Server

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On the Select destination server page, click Select a server from the server pool, select the server, and then click Next. On the Select server role s page, select the Device Health Attestation check box. Optional: Click Add Features to install other required role services and features. Click Next. On the Select feature s page, click Next.

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Windows Health Attestation Service

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Configuring an on-premises Device Health Attestation … (8 days ago) On the Select role services page, click Next. On the Device Health Attestation Service page, click Next. On the Confirm installation selections page, click Install. When the installation is done, click Close. Add the SSL certificate to the certificate store of the server.

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Configuration Manager Update 1702 New Features

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Device health attestation data managed via Management Points. There is an option to validate device health attestation data via management points. This option is available under Management point component properties > Advanced Options. To configure on-premise device health attestation service URL, click Add button and provide the URL.

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Upgrading To 1602 For System Center Configuration Manager

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Windows 10 Device Health Attestation Reporting: Conditional Access for PCs Managed by Configuration Manager: You can now use conditional access capabilities to help secure access to Office 365 and other services on PCs managed with Configuration Manager agent. Conditions that can be used to control access include: Workplace Join, BitLocker, …

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to view the device health attestation view in configuration manager?

To view the device health attestation view, in the Configuration Manager console go to the Monitoring workspace of, click Security node, and then click Health Attestation. Device Health Attestation is displayed. Configuration Manager Device Health Attestation displays the following:

What is device health attestation for windows 10 devices?

Currently only available for Windows 10 devices that are managed via OMA-DM. It adds the ability to create compliance policies that require Windows 10 devices to report as healthy. Device health attestation can be used to ensure that the following trustworthy configurations are enabled:

Will it show a non compliant device in the health attestation service?

It will not just show a non-compliant device, it will actually show which configuration is reported as not healthy by the Health Attestation Service. For more information about conditional access, Windows 10 device health attestation and the HealthAttestation CSP, please refer to:

Does windows server 2016 support device health attestation dha?

Starting with Windows Server 2016, you can now run the DHA service as a server role within your organization. Use this topic to learn how to install and configure the Device Health Attestation server role. Overview You can use DHA to assess device health for: Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices that support TPM 1.2 or 2.0.

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